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Russian Banya in the Heart of London


The Bath House - Russian banya has recently opened opposite Buckingham Palace near Victoria Station. Located in a former bank opposite Buckingham Palace, The Bath House blends the traditions of the authentic Russian banya with the best of the contemporary spa.  Offering steam rooms, authentic treatments like parenie, organic scrubs and wraps, invigorating massage, delicious teas and freshly prepared food, the banya experience is the perfect antidote to intense, urban lifestyles and is somewhere to relax with friends, family or colleagues.

Take your time, unwind, forget about the stresses of urban life and you will emerge from your time at The Bath House refreshed and rebalanced. 


“S legkym parom!”

Due to COVID-19 The Bath House is temporarily closed until further notice. For updates, please check our website.

Thank you for your support, business and loyalty and we look forward to seeing you at The Bath House soon.  Look after yourselves and each other. 



Mondays and Thursdays





Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Please note that swimwear on these days is essential.


Monday - Saturday

From 10 AM to 11PM


From 10AM to 10PM

Traditional Russian Steam Bath

Put on a felt hat and spend time in the steam rooms heated by traditional Russian stoves and infused with the aroma of mint, pine or eucalyptus. Then try parenie, a venik massage with oak or birch leaves and enjoy the contrast of the ice-cold plunge pool or the tipping bucket.


Choose from a range of invigorating treatments including organic body scrubs, washes and massage on the hot stone.  Then eat freshly cooked, traditional Russian dishes and try a range of herbal teas and juices or draft beers and vodka in the restaurant. 

Branch out from your usual spa routine – try something different. Keep fit and well with regular visits to the Russian banya at the Bath House. Banya will rejuvenate your friendships and restore mind, body and soul.


All traditional banya visits are designed to last for around 3 hours and consist of several stages

1. Preparation for parenie in the steam room

2. Parenie and venik massage

3. Spa procedures and massage

4. Something to eat and drink with friends

The Perfect Antidote to Urban Lifestyles

Take time off and visit with friends and family or colleagues. You will soon find that a traditional Russian banya at the Bath House offers a unique combination of social relaxation and health benefits. It will help you unwind, recover after exercise, relieve stress and tension and improve circulation.


Steam and traditional treatments like parenie are beneficial to the cardiovascular and immune system, joints and skin and will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed. The banya experience is the perfect antidote to intense, hectic, urban lifestyles.  

Banya History

Find out about the history of the banya and why it has become so popular.

Interesting Facts

Understand the rituals of the banya, including the importance of the venik.

Banya Visit Tips

Tips on visiting the banya and how to make the most of the experience.

Health Benefits

learn about the physical and mental health benefits of the banya

Interior design of The Bath House – Russian Banya has been created by Natalia Meleshkevich, an interior designer and an architect who created prestigious interiors internationally.

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