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The Bath House - Russian Banya

 A Traditional Russian Menu


A visit to the banya will give you a real appetite and thirst and no Russian banya experience is complete without a traditional Russian meal. The Bath House menu is full of freshly cooked seasonal dishes inspired by the best recipes from Russian cuisine. We have drawn inspiration for our dishes from all regions of Russia. 


To drink choose from our range of herbal teas, juices and classic Russian drinks like kvas, mors and oblepikha, all designed to rehydrate you after your banya session and treatments. Then maybe have a bowl of borscht or solyanka, thick with sausage and vegetables and accompanied by smetana. Pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and mushrooms or a plate of Russian charcuterie are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of beer and can be shared with friends.  For something more substantial try pelmeni, stuffed cabbage rolls, kotleti po pozharski or blini with caviar. For something sweeter we recommend syrniki with honey or jam. 


Hot or cold, whatever you pick from our seasonal menu, you can be sure of an authentic Russian meal. 


Food is served daily 

Monday to Sunday: from 10AM to 9PM



A selection of traditional Russian main dishes


Try our drinks after a banya session