Choose from traditional parenie, luxury organic body scrubs, body wraps, soap massage and classic massage.


The heat and relaxation of the banya experience will amplify the effects and benefits of your treatments.


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No visit to the Russian banya is complete without the ritual of parenie and the venik.

You will be accompanied to a private steam room where your banshchik will throw water on the stove to achieve the optimum temperature and humidity. He will then use supple, soaked oak or birch leaf veniks to capture the steam, driving it onto and massaging your body. 


Parenie promotes weight loss, removes harmful toxins, rejuvenates the skin and improves the metabolism. The aroma of the leaves is restorative and profoundly relaxing.

Parenie with venik body wash 

2 rounds in 1 go (split) 

4 hands 

15 min

2 x 8 min

up to 12 min




Amplify the benefits of the banya on your body and spirit with a classic Russian massage. 


Once you are relaxed and have warmed up from visits to the steam room, your body is more responsive to the application of pressure and this results in a more satisfying and restorative massage.   

Back & Shoulders 

Hands & Legs

Head & Shoulders 

Full body massage

30 min

30 min

30 min

60 min





After the regenerative effects of exposure to steam in the banya and the ritual of parenie, your skin is ready for the deep cleansing and exfoliation of a body scrub. 


This will hydrate the skin and leave it soft and smooth. The organic materials we use complement the natural materials found throughout the banya.

Available using sea salt for exfoliation, organic honey to relax you or coffee for a more invigorating effect.


Thick Honey


20 min

20 min

20 min




Soap massage is performed with a a scrub mitten or bast and using traditional tar or olive oil soap. 


The ultimate cleanse, a soap massage will leave your skin glowing and pristine. 

With olive oil soap

With tar soap

25 min

25 min



Body wraps are a popular choice with banya-goers, especially those wishing to remove toxins from the body and restore colour and health to the skin. 

A body wrap in the Russian banya using sewaeed, honey or blue clay will help eliminate dead skin cells, detoxify your body and hydrate and nourish you skin, while also improving its condition and making it smoother. 


Blue clay 

20 min

20 min



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